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Playing to the Gallery: Helping Contemporary Art in Its Struggle to Be Understood, by Grayson Perry
Book Review – The Art Issue, June 28, 2015
"In the 1990s, Britain suddenly developed a hugely popular appreciation for contemporary art, and the potter Grayson Perry has been one of its beneficiaries."

In the Spirit of Black Mountain College, an Avant-Garde Incubator
Museums, March 19, 2015
A museum in Asheville, N.C., celebrates a home to art titans in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s, that champions experimentation among artists working today.  


A Gallery's Opening Movement: Jules Maeght Unveils 'Art in Motion'
International Fine Arts & Exhibitions, October 26, 2014
The third-generation dealer Jules Maeght hopes to make his mark on San Francisco with "Art in Motion," his new gallery's inaugural show.

Monuments Man in War, Conservator in Peace
Museums, March 20, 2014
George Stout, an early advocate of the role of science in arts conservation, was the inspiration for the role played by George Clooney in the movie. Today his seminal role is remembered mostly by conservators.


An Obscure Building Where Surrealism Thrived
Fine Arts & Exhibits, October 27, 2013
"Surrealism and the Rue Blomet," at Eykyn Maclean gallery in New York, will focus on a building in Paris where Joan Miró and André Masson lived and worked in the 1920s.
 Video Excerpt, "L'etoile de Mer" by Man Ray

Esteem for the Art of the American West
Fine Arts & Exhibits, October 27, 2013
Thirty years ago, Western art was often seen as an out-of-touch genre, fed by a love of nostalgia and history, but that is changing.

On Brooklyn Stoops, Artist Cultivates Debate
ArtsBeat blog, Sept. 20, 2013, Arts Briefly, Sept. 22, 2013 • in-print version
"Suzanne Lacy has a long history of creating political performances that encourage dialogue. And on Saturday night her first major New York work,"Between the Door and the Street," brought together close to 400 women to discuss gender-related aspects of issues like poverty, violence and immigration." 

When Talking Makes the Art Happen
Arts & Leisure, October 13, 2013
The social practice artist Suzanne Lacy wants to deliver a portrait of feminism today through the voices of women.

A Cosmos of Matter, Enshrined in Her Art
Arts & Leisure, August 30, 2013
Michelle Stuart’s Work at the Parrish Art Museum – An artist who works with the land. 
 Slide Show: Drawn From Nature

Deitch Takes Another Look at 'Calligraffiti' for New York Gallery
Arts Briefly and ArtsBeat blog, August 20, 2013
"The art world is abuzz with rumors about what Jeffrey Deitch will do next. Perhaps a clue to his future interests may be found in 'Calligraffiti: 1984-2013,' anupcoming show at the Leila Heller Gallery in Chelsea."

Portraits From Inside, Looking Out
Arts & Leisure, July 21, 2013
“Visions of the Free World,” an exhibition at the Eastern State Penitentiary museum in Philadelphia, considers the art of prison paintings and the photographs taken in front of them.
Slide Show: Images of the Outside

The Work Behind Child's Play
Arts & Leisure, July 7, 2013
At the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, an exhibition looks at the evolution of playgrounds from 19th-century "sand gardens" to postwar "junk playgrounds" and play areas inspired by abstract sculpture.  
Video: The Lozziwurm

At Peace With Many Tribes
Arts & Leisure, May 19, 2013
After a "huge acceptance of self" as a Cherokee and Choctaw, Jeffrey Gibson took a new path as an artist, and now he's juggling multiple exhibitions.
Slide Show: Inspiration in Self-Acceptance

The Rope Wrangler, Ideas Unfurling
Arts & Leisure, May 5, 2013
Orly Genger, an artist who deploys masses of rope in eye-popping ways, has created an installation of three enclosures with rope walls for Madison Square Park." 
Slide Show: The Art of Orly Genger

Maya Lin’s New Memorial Is a City
Arts & Leisure, April 28, 2013
After Hurricane Sandy, Maya Lin, the architect and artist, decided her new show at Pace Gallery would fix on Manhattan and its surrounding landscape, environmental history and waterways.
Slide Show: Of Nature and Rivers of Pins

The Graffitist Who Moved Indoors
Arts & Leisure, March 31, 2013
A retrospective on Barry McGee, tracing his roots as a graffiti artist, opens April 6 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.
Slide Show: The Two Worlds of Barry McGee

Illustrating Her Own Narrative
Arts & Leisure, March 24, 2013
A retrospective of work from Barbara Nessim at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London recognizes her talents as an illustrator.
Slide Show: A Feminist Illustrator Gets Her Due

Leader Unafraid to Venture Outside of the Lines
Museums, March 21, 2013
Since taking over in 2007 as director of the Society of Illustrators, Anelle Miller has focused on attracting innovative artists and younger visitors.


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