The New York Times • 2007

Southern California Art? Look It Up
Arts & Leisure, December 16, 2007
In her latest project, Lyn Kienholz aims to write Southern California into international art history with an encyclopedia.

The Getty Gets Serious About Video
Arts & Leisure, December 9, 2007
A vastly expanded archive puts new focus on recent works that even their creators didn't necessarily think would endure.
Video: Waterpiece by John Sturgeon

A Museum Rises, but Not the Usual Way
Giving, November 12, 2007
In Denver, the art scene cried out for a high-brow home. Folks responded.

The Young and the Restless Try, Too
Giving, November 12, 2007
Up and coming philanthropists, eager to find their own way to improve the woes of the world.

Boldly, Where No Dog Had Gone Before
Arts & Leisure, November 4, 2007
At a California museum, portraits honor the mutts that led the Soviet Union into space.

The Artist's Wife: A Constant Muse Who Never Said No
News, October 2, 2007
Nude or clothed, indoors or out, Eleanor Callahan, the 91-year-old widow of the photographer Harry Callahan, was always a willing subject.

Cybermural: The Web as the Wall
Arts & Leisure, August 12, 2007
An online travelogue strongly suggests a new twist on the Los Angeles muralism of the 1970s.

Something There Is That Loves a Wall
Arts & Leisure, May 13, 2007
For the South African artist Robin Rhode, his new exhibit in Chelsea is something of a departure.

A Grandson Paints a Portrait of a Portraitist
Arts & Leisure, April 22, 2007
Family members were often Alice Neel's subjects. In a new documentary, the tables have been turned.

Building Boom: On College Campuses, a Crop of Galleries
Museums, March 28, 2007
When the museum becomes the Big Building on Campus.

Stolen Artworks and the Lawyers Who Reclaim Them
Museums, March 28, 2007
A profile of Lawrence M. Kaye and Howard N. Spiegler, partners in the New York firm Herrick, Feinstein, who have worked on some of the world's most prominent restitution cases.

So They All Get Naked and Play, Like Mom Did
Arts & Leisure, February 25, 2007
A photographer populates the landscape with tribes of nude women, fertility goddesses carefree in an American Eden.
Slide Show: Mother Nature

Welcome to the Museum of My Stuff
Arts & Leisure, February 18, 2007
Keep your art collection in your living room? Why, that's for novices.

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