I write about all aspects of art and the art world – from artists, museums, galleries, and the market to museum issues, art history, conservation, and art law. Writing about art  has allowed me to tackle virtually any subject I've wanted to, from politics and technology to military history and contemporary culture.  It is the perfect beat for anyone who wants to be a generalist in specialist's clothing.  

You can find my work in WSJ., TThe New York Times, and 1stdibs, among others.  I have also written for Slate, The Atlantic Monthly, Abu Dhabi's National, Art + Auction, Art in America and many more.   

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Latest Stories


Getting the Picture
WSJ., July 28, 2018
How did Instagram become the art world’s obsession? Though it may seem obvious that a visually driven platform would resonate in a visually driven industry, the story is more complex. 

A Visionary Photographer Reaches a Career Pinnacle
WSJ., Style & Tech, October 7, 2017
With his largest, most revealing retrospective and a major traveling exhibition, German photographer Thomas Struth’s continuing evolution is on display

Every Architecture Lover Should Take This Three-Day Road Trip
Travel + Leisure, October, 2017
In Connecticut, works by some of the most notable architects of the 20th century are hiding in plain sight. Take the wheel for this high-design sightseeing tour.

‘The Theater of Disappearance’: A Show You Won’t Want to Miss
WSJ., Style & Tech, October 7, 2017
The artist Adrián Villar Rojas brings his unpredictable, unclassifiable work to L.A.

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Latest News


My first book was sold to Scribner
From Publishers Marketplace in May 2018: "WSJ arts & culture contributor Carol Kino's The Fair-Haired Girls: The Twin Photographers Who Helped Define the Fashion Magazines of 1940s New York,  the untold story of a pair of talented Connecticut twins who joined the ranks of a circle of groundbreaking female photographers in the magazine industry while the men were off fighting in World War II, and forever changed the way women saw and were seen, to Valerie Steiker at Scribner, at auction, by Peter Steinberg at Foundry Literary + Media."   

The twins are Frances McLaughlin-Gill, the first woman hired by the Condé Nast photo studio, and Kathryn Abbe, who worked for the career girl fashion magazines like Charm and Mademoiselle that flourished in the 1940s.  


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News Flashback

How did Marlene Dumas become an art star?  
Marlene Dumas's Number Comes Up • NYT Arts & Leisure, March 27, 2005
A few years ago, her paintings sold respectably. Now she's breaking records. Is it long-delayed justice – or sheer luck?

How did Normal Rockwell come to paint "The Golden Rule," his paean to multicultural harmony?
Preserving a Rockwell Era • NYT Museums, March 19, 2009
The Norman Rockwell Museum turns back the clock to 1960, when the artist put his popularity to work for social causes.

Ever wonder why we're so obsessed with polls?  Blame it on the Surrealists. 
Ceci N'est Pas Surrealism: Even if you don't know Surrealism, it knows you • Slate, February 19, 2002
A discussion of Surrealism, plus Slate's first • slideshow •

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