I write about all aspects of art and the art world – from artists, museums, galleries, and the market to museum issues, art history, conservation, and art law. Writing about art  has allowed me to tackle virtually any subject I've wanted to, from politics and technology to military history and contemporary culture.  It is the perfect beat for anyone who wants to be a generalist in specialist's clothing.  

You can find my work in WSJ., TThe New York Times, and 1stdibs, among others.  I have also written for Slate, The Atlantic Monthly, Abu Dhabi's National, Art + Auction, Art in America and many more.   

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Latest Stories

Epitaph: Feeding the Coyotes
Ursula, Summer 2019
Lyn Kienholz’s crusade for California art

113 Chairs That Prove Danish Design Isn’t Limited to Denmark
1stdibs Introspective, May 5, 2019
In an innovative display, the Designmuseum Danmark is permanently exhibiting the 20th century's most iconic seats.

Getting the Picture
WSJ., July 28, 2018
How did Instagram become the art world’s obsession? Though it may seem obvious that a visually driven platform would resonate in a visually driven industry, the story is more complex. 

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Latest News

I won the New York Public Library’s Cullman Fellowship for my first book, from their largest-ever pool of applicants.

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News Flashback

As LA’s Inventory Press launches the monograph Steven Leiber Catalogs, in memory of the late pioneering dealer, gallerist and collector of ephemera and multiples, here’s what Leiber himself had to say about the Peter Norton Christmas Project, a multiples project created by another pioneering collector:

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Resale Market • NYT Arts & Leisure, Dec. 18, 2005
For just a few thousand of his closest friends, Peter Norton redefines the art of giving.

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