I write about all aspects of art and the art world – from artists, museums, galleries, and the market to museum issues, art history, conservation, and art law. Writing about art  has allowed me to tackle virtually any subject I've wanted to, from politics and technology to military history and contemporary culture.  It is the perfect beat for anyone who wants to be a generalist in specialist's clothing.  

You can find my work in WSJ., TThe New York Times, and 1stdibs, among others.  I have also written for Slate, The Atlantic Monthly, Abu Dhabi's National, Art + Auction, Art in America and many more.   

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Latest Stories


What the New York Skyline Could Have Been
WSJ., October 8, 2016
In New York City, real estate is ruled by byzantine laws, battling egos and backroom deals, a scenario that generates—an often scuttles—architectural plans both brilliant and outrageous. Greg Goldin and Sam Lubell’s new book, Never Built New York (Metropolis), presents the city as it might have been

In Search of a Good Story and Great Design at Demisch Danant
1stdibs Introspective, September 26, 2016
Suzanne Demisch and Stephane Danant are detectives of sorts, tracking down the history behind 20th-century French designers, now from their new Rafael de Cárdenas–designed Manhattan gallery.

Robert Polidori Stitches Together Photos of City Life
1stdibs Introspective, September 19, 2016
At Paul Kasmin Gallery, the renowned photographer shows artful panoramas of Mumbai's sprawling outskirts and the ruins of a Beirut luxury hotel.

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Latest News

Fisher Collection and SF MoMA
A story about the deal between philanthropists Don and Doris Fisher and SF MoMA, celebrated by the SF Chronicle as a major scoop, turns out to reveal information I'd written about six years earlier in the New York Times.   The resultant flap was covered by Lee Rosenbaum's CultureGrrl

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News Flashback

May 14, 2016: SF MoMA unveils its new building, fueled by the donation of the Don & Doris Fisher collection, to the public: 

Private Collection Becomes Very Public
NYT Arts & Leisure, June 6, 2010
The extraordinary art collection of the Gap's founders, Don and Doris Fisher, will go on view at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in "Calder to Warhol: Introducing the Fisher Collection."

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