The New York Times • 2008

Confronting His Culture and Himself
Arts & Leisure, December 7, 2008
The Mexican Artist Daniel Guzmán brings Aztec inflections to today's gruesome headlines.
Slide Show: From Mexico, With Love and Violence

Once Inspired By a War, Now by the Land
Arts & Leisure, November 9, 2008 • cover story • referred on A1
The designer of the Vietnam Memorial is finding that her three career strands are related.
Video: Maya Lin's "Wave Field" : The artist discusses her new projects, including her new installation at the Storm King Art Center.

Modern Motifs, With Echoes of Brazil
Arts & Leisure, October 26, 2008
Today the career of the Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes seems as jampacked as her paintings themselves.
Video: Beatriz Milhazes on Her Art

The Genius of Little Things
Arts & Leisure, September 28, 2008
MacArthur award winner Tara Donovan's visions are often contained in masses of mass-produced items, with big pieces defined by their details.
Slide Show: Material Wonders

Glossy Idealism on the Front Lines
Arts & Leisure, September 7, 2008
The political artist Martha Rosler no longer avoids commercial galleries,
enabling her to reach a broader audience.
Audio Slide Show: Cut and Paste - Martha Rosler
Video: God Bless America

Holding a Mirror to a Mirror of the Past
Arts & Leisure, June 8, 2008
Adam Cvijanovic recreates a monumental scene from ancient history, as envisioned through the lens of D. W. Griffith.

An Artist Breathes New Life Into Renaissance Ways With Wood
News, May 27, 2008 • cover story
Unusually for a 35-year-old contemporary artist, Alison Elizabeth Taylor 's favored medium is wood marquetry.
Slide Show: Going With The Grain

How to Think Like a Surreal Cartoonist
Arts & Leisure, May 11, 2008
In her two-day writer's workshop, Lynda Barry sings, tells jokes, acts out characters and even dances a creditably sensual hula.
Audio Slide Show: Lynda Barry on Her Writing Process

A Moment in History, Recaptured for a Second Time
Carol Kino discusses the process behind recreating a 1975 show about the assassination of John F. Kennedy at the J. Paul Getty Museum.
Museums, March 12, 2008
Audio Slide Show: Eternal Frame, Recreated

Single-Artist Spaces Have Their Issues, Too
Directors of the Andy Warhol, Georgia O'Keefe, Isamu Noguchi, Clyfford Still and the Norman Rockwell Museum discuss the issues faced by artist-only museums.
Museums, March 12, 2008
Multimedia: The Challenges of Single-Artist Museums

Protecting Treasures on a Shaky Planet
Museums, March 12, 2008
How the Getty Museum protects art from earthquakes.
Video: Keeping Art Safe from Earthquakes

Prelates and Rappers Strike a Pose
Arts & Leisure, March 9, 2008
Stalin and Lenin give way to Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent in Alexander Melamid's work.
Audio Slide Show: Hip-Hop Portraits  •  Related Video: God Gave Me Style

Hit Over the Head By a Chair
House & Home, February 21, 2008
Currents: Lucas Samaras - Chairs as Art and Artifacts

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