The New York Times • 2006

Here Comes the Celluloid: Marrying Life Events With Film
Small Business, Nov. 15, 2006
Not your typical wedding videographers, Fifty Foot Films has carved out a profitable niche shooting unions the old-fashioned way: on film.
Super 8 Sequence  •  16-Millimeter Sequence  •  35-Millimeter Sequence

Now in Moving Pictures: The Multitudes of Nikki S. Lee
Arts & Leisure, October 1, 2006
She's been a stripper, a grandmother and countless other selves. Her new role: film star.
Video: A Scene from 'A K A Nikki S. Lee'

iHappenings: Slicing Art Out of Life
Arts & Leisure, September 3, 2006
Lucas Samaras's latest project conflates exhibitionism and voyeurism, and recapitulates the artist's notorious "Sittings" series.

Watch the Closing Doors, and Mind the Zombies
Arts & Leisure, July 30, 2006
"Horror Make-Up" is the latest chapter in the oeuvre of a Canadian-born artist who has developed something of an underground reputation for work inspired by movie mania.
Video: An Excerpt from 'Horror Make-Up'

No Frame Needed (Bring Biscuits and Brie)
Arts & Leisure, July 9, 2006
Ms. Gallaccio is documenting the process of making wine, a practice that turns out to have a surprising amount in common with making art.

Donating Work for Charity Has a Downside for Artists
Arts & Leisure, May 28, 2006 • cover story
For those who donate their work, benefit auctions aren't exactly a win-win proposition.

Moneymakers: Teaming With the Artist to Buoy the Bottom Line
Museums, March 29, 2006
The art market is booming right now, and it is not only auction houses and dealers who are taking advantage of the moment. Increasingly, museums are doing more than just exhibiting artists' work; they are also commissioning and selling it.

Collectibles: You Can Take This With You
Museums, March 29, 2006
As a museum shopping bag makes its way around a city and beyond, it is not just promoting what's for sale in the store. It is also telegraphing a message to the world about the institution's mission and holdings.

Picasso's Daughter Says Drawing Is a Fake
News, March 18, 2006
Maya Widmaier-Picasso was asked to view a digital image of the 1970 drawing three days after she pronounced two other Picassos inauthentic.

It's Costco, but Is It Picasso? Art Sale in Doubt
News, March 16, 2006 • reefered on A1
The recent sale of a disputed Picasso crayon drawing has Costco scrambling to live up to its consumer-friendly image.

Fiddling With a Lens as a City Burned
Arts & Leisure, February 5, 2006
The 1906 San Francisco earthquake, possibly the world's first widely photographed disaster, ushered in a new era for the camera.
Slide Show: Documenting Disaster

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