The New York Times • 2009

Fairy Tales, but Strictly Adults-Only
Arts & Leisure, November 22, 2009
In his recent works, the ribald, pop-culture-obsessed provocateur known as Paul McCarthy has suddenly revealed himself to be an old master.
Slide Show: Paul McCarthy, Then and Now
Videos: A Scene from "Painter" •  A Scene from "Whipping a Wall" • A Scene from "Face Painting"

A Gallery Gadfly Revives His Act
Arts & Leisure, November 15, 2009
A long-running gonzo video tour of the New York gallery scene from the '90s has returned to the airwaves, this time as a Web presence.
Video: Gallery Beat Meets Tracey Emin: Paul Hasegawa-Overacker interviews Tracey Emin at the Gramercy International art fair in 1995.

Art That Leaps Off the Canvas
Arts & Leisure, November 1, 2009
A sprawling performance art festival is driven not by market forces but by a desire to amaze.
Audio Slide Show: Art in Performance

Hockney's Long Road Home
Arts & Leisure, October 18, 2009 • cover story, featured on home page
A transplanted artist left the pools of Southern California for the landscapes of his native Yorkshire.
Audio Slide Show: An Artist's Homecoming  •  Video: "David Hockney: A Bigger Picture"

A World Drawn From Wild Tastes
Arts & Leisure, October 4, 2009
Drawing and burlesque meet in Molly Crabapple's Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School.
Audio Slide Show: Burlesque Art

A Tribute to the Man, Beyond Just the Mouse
Arts & Leisure, September 6, 2009
With technical wizardry and a cache of private mementos, a new museum honors Walt Disney.
Slide Show: Mickey Gets a Gallery

Iranians Shine, Assisted by Expatriate
Arts & Leisure, August 16, 2009
An art dealer serves as a conduit between Tehran and New York.
Audio Slide Show: Art and Iran

Go Ahead, Play With (and on) the Art
Arts & Leisure, June 14, 2009
Jessica Stockholder's outdoor installation at Madison Square Park is truly interactive.
Audio Slide Show: Geometry in the Park

Going Softly Into a Parallel Universe
Arts & Leisure, May 17, 2009
Claes Oldenburg reflects on his art at the first show he's had since the death of his wife.
Interactive: Claes, A History  •  Video: Scenes From 'Fotodeath'

A Confidence Highlighted in Rhinestones
Arts & Leisure, April 12, 2009
Mickalene Thomas likes to go for the gaudy and outrageous, even when her model is her mother.
Audio Slide Show: Redefining Women  •  Video: Fran, Keri, Sandra

Keeping Art, and Climate, Controlled
Arts & Leisure, April 5, 2009
Conservators look for environmentally sound ways to protect art objects.

No Longer Racing at the Speed of Art
Arts & Leisure, March 22, 2009
Once known for his text-based works and a ferocious productivity, Erik Parker has made changes in both his life and in his work.
Slide Show: Eye-Popping Art

A Trustee Who Defined an Era of Corporate Giving
Museums, March 19, 2009
Ask a group of museum directors to describe the ideal board member, and someone is bound to mention Bruce B. Dayton, long renowned as a trustee's trustee.

Preserving a Rockwell Era
Museums, March 19, 2009
With a newly renovated studio, the Norman Rockwell Museum turns back the clock to 1960, when the artist put his popularity to work for social causes.
Slide Show: Turning Back the Clock on Rockwell

The Rise of the House of Rockwell
Arts & Leisure, February 8, 2009
A museum serving illustrators, scholars, fans and the otherwise curious, who might wonder if their grandparents were Rockwell models.
Slide Show: The Art of Rockwell

Coosje van Bruggen, Sculptor, Dies at 66
Obituaries, January 14, 2009
Ms. van Bruggen was a critic, art historian and artist known for the colorful public sculptures she created around the world with her husband, the Pop artist Claes Oldenburg.

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