The New York Times • 2003-2004



Sketches From the Front: An Artist's Dispatches, Rendered in Ink and Paint
News, December 13, 2004 • reefered on A1
A New York painter, Steve Mumford, has been embedded with military units in hot spots like Baquba, Tikrit and Baghdad on and off since April 2003.
Slide Show: Selections from 'Baghdad Journal'

The Droll Cartoonist With a Grade – A Obsession
Weekend, November 26, 2004 • cover story
New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast has a new artistic obsession: pysanky, otherwise known as Ukrainian Easter eggs.
Slide Show: The Art of Pysanky

It's Just Daylight, But It Has Endless Shades
Arts & Leisure, October 24, 2004
A concise history of the use of natural light in museums

A Fake Museum of Shimmying Antiquities
Arts & Leisure, May 16, 2004
Politics, digital imagery, and ten tons of stone from the Israeli artist Michal Rovner


Please Touch the Art
Arts & Leisure, November 2, 2003
The wondrous use of digital books in museum displays

Middlebrow à la Mode: The Dahesh Made Over
Arts & Leisure, September 28, 2003
How the Dahesh Museum, a small New York start-up with a fascinating history, transformed itself into an institution

This Week: Venus on Red Satin: Salvador Dalí's House in Queens
Arts & Leisure, June 22, 2003
The Queens Museum recreates Dali's Dream of Venus, a thoroughly modern performance installation originally shown at the 1939 World's Fair in Queens

Portrait of the Art Teacher as a Melodramatic Twit
Arts & Leisure, April 13, 2003
The highs and lows of the art school sub-plot in HBO's Six Feet Under – from the art world's perspective

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