Town & Country

Beauty & the Beasts
January 2009
In the mesmerizing paintings of Walton Ford, animals play both hero and villain of fairy tales for the 21st century.

Working All the Angles: Lee Miller
"Fashion" issue, March 2008
Photography's digital age has made images fast, cheap and disposable. It has also reminded us just how transcendent the medium can be.

"In 'The Art of Lee Miller,' one of the 20th century's most underrated American photographers finally gets her due. ... Mark Haworth-Booth, who curated the show for the V&A, discusses why Miller's life and work continue to resonate so powerfully today."

The Art Market's New Look: The Private Curator
"Luxury Redefined" issue, January 2008
Fine art, along with the scene that has grown up around it, is the showiest pony on the cultural carousel right now.

"Art, and the impulse to collect it, may be eternal, but the tools and support staff a collector wants at her disposal can vary from decade to decade. ... Today, the collector's new best friend is the private curator."