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Selected Stories

Armory Show Dealers Are Mixing Old, New Works Behind the Scenes
March 7, 2006
"This week, some of the world's top contemporary-art dealers will come to New York's Armory Show with pieces fresh from the studio, many made expressly for the event. Increasingly, though, many of those dealers are becoming known for reselling older art."

Damien Hirst Talks About Books, Elephants, Drinking, Dead Pets
June 24, 2005
A Q&A with the Damien Hirst, the priciest artist in Britain

Video Artist Eve Sussman Masters Tricky Art of Fund Raising
June 10, 2005
How Eve Sussman raised the money to make the videos that are making her an art star

Doing Well by Doing Good: Couple Auctions Prized Art Collection
May 11, 2005
An interview with Donald and Barbara Jonas, whose art collection was sold at Christie's, raising over $44 million for charity