Met Breuer
June 2016
With high regard for the past, The Met makes a play for the future of contemporary art. 
Sidebar: Nasreen Mohamedi
Sidebar: Q&A with Sheena Wagstaff

Rick Lowe: Community Genius
October 2015
With the advent of the public artist, “social practice,” also known as “social sculpture,” is a growing medium for creators of places, ideas, and installations, all designed to improve the lot for the rest of us. In North America, Rick Lowe of Texas is its patron saint.

Earth Man
June 2015
In Nevada, the father of modern land art, Michael Heizer, thrives in positive and negative space. A master of working with earth—“the original source material”—he is at last nearing completion on City, the world’s largest contemporary artwork, begun in 1972.

The Mechanics of Perception
October 2014
Spencer Finch's mastery of simple forms to convey complex ideas arrives at Marfa Contemporary.

Trick Ropester
October 2014
Orly Genger redefines what it means to be given enough rope.

High Inflation
June 2014 • cover story
Meticulous, mysterious, and temporary, Jason Hackenwerth's balloon sculptures draw us closer to the promise of the everyday.

Other Dimensions
October 2013 • cover story
Artist Tomás Saraceno Lets His Inner Architect Out to Play