Art Basel Miami Beach


The New Utopian City of Experimentation
Even with its tech elite and cool California lifestyle, San Francisco has never seemed like a contemporary art center... until now? Carol Kino went west to see if the rumors about the City by the Bay as the new art capital are true.

Chief Eternal Optimist
Yana Peel is reinventing Britain's Serpentine Galleries, taking them into the digital age and beyond.

Influencers: Make No Mistake
Mexican-born, California-bred curator Cesar Garcia’s The Mistake Room adds an international flavor to the landscape of downtown Los Angeles.

Influencers: Quiet Power
Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi steers the Sharjah Art Foundation with a sure and savvy hand.

Performance at the Playboy
Ryan McNamara reimagines his staged piece ME3M as ME3M 4 Miami.

Revitalizing Through Expansion
Since the recession, a host of museums throughout the country have renovated their spaces, to the benefit of their local communities.

Social Studies
Renowned curator Nicholas Baume brings together a host of eclectic artists to exhibit at Public during Art Basel.

Artist of the Year
Artist Richard Tuttle philosophizes on the beauty of his work.

Surviving the Retrospective
As this year’s featured Conversations series artist, Gabriel Orozco explores what it means to add to an already celebrated body of work.

Collectors Roundtable
Some of the city's preeminent collectors weigh in on Art Basel Miami Beach.

Collective Consciousness
Art Basel Miami Beach has always been regarded as something of a litmus test for the current creative and market climate, and a harbinger for the year to come. Here we present Miami's preeminent collectors - Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz, Martin Margulies, Mera and Don Rubell and Dennis and Debra Scholl - and their thoughts on the fair and beyond.

Latin America's New Breed
Most Latin American collectors sought only local and historical work into the 1990s. But a new group, set on creating a more diverse palette, is buying up contemporary art from around the world.

Buying Art For Art's Sake
In the 1980s, corporations invested in blue-chip art; today they are doing something riskier, supporting contemporary artists

Young Collector profiles
Andy Spade; Veronica Webb; Stefan Levine; John Morrissey; Jim Dorment

The Impresario: Jeffrey Deitch, A Man for All Parties
Let the music, and art, and fun begin

The Jet Set: Wings for Early Birds
Jet shares allow the super-rich to take to the air with ease