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Contributing Editor, 2001 - 2015

Selected Stories

[Husbands and] Wives
October 2008
Women in art, as in other fields, have historically taken a backseat to their men. But times are changing - and so are prices, as the market turns to overlooked artists.
Ladies First: History offers prominent example of women who were more successful than their partners
Altared States: How do wives and husbands stack up in the salesroom?

Guilty Pleasures
February 2006 • cover story
Probe discreetly and you'll discover that nearly every powerhouse collector, dealer or artist has a quirky trove of objects that they've amassed in private. Embarrassing? Inspiring? Or a thrilling combination of both?

In the Studio: Marilyn Minter
November 2006
Delicious or disturbing? Marilyn Minter serves up both sides of glamour on one captivating, color-drenched plate.

Hot Numbers
June 2006
From Brillo boxes to paperweight breasts, multiples prove their mettle as playful – and collectible – works of art.

In the Studio: Eve Sussman
June 2006
Whether tightly choreographed or loosely improvised, Sussman's lush videos bring familiar images to life.

First Fruits: Buying Early
March 2005
With competition reaching a frenzy at art fairs, collectors are wielding press passes and even donning overalls – anything to get in early and secure a deal

Max Out
Summer 2003
"It has been a rough year for the Whitney. In April, the board of the New York museum of American art nixed plans for a $200 million expansion by star architect Rem Kolhaas. In May, Maxwell Anderson, the latest in a string of beleaguered Whitney directors, tendered his resignation. As if that weren't enough, longtime deputy director Willard Holmes and his wife, communications chief Mary Haus, also departed that month. Now more than at any other time in recent memory, the Whitney seems as a crossroads."

Hired Hands
February 2002
From Francesco Clemente to Elizabeth Peyton, many of today's hottest painters are revisiting the portraiture tradition. As Carol Kino discovers, some will also paint your picture – if the price is right.

The Price of Dreams: The Market for Surrealism
May 2002 • cover story
The market for Surrealist paintings is mercurial, but like the unconscious, it has a logic all its own.

California, Here They Come: A New Gold Rush – California Painting.
November 2001
Not long ago, California Impressionist paintings went for a song at garage sales. Today, fueled by new money and nostalgia for the Golden State's golden past, collectors are flocking to the field.

The Other Americans
October 1999
The market for second-wave American modernism is characterized by passionate, intelligent collecting and sensible, steady growth. Here, the fireworks are all artistic.