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Epitaph: Feeding the Coyotes
Ursula, Summer 2019
Lyn Kienholz’s crusade for California art

113 Chairs That Prove Danish Design Isn’t Limited to Denmark
1stdibs Introspective, May 5, 2019
In an innovative display, the Designmuseum Danmark is permanently exhibiting the 20th century's most iconic seats.

Lyn Kienholz, Champion of Art in Southern California, Has Died at 88
The Art Newspaper, February 1, 2019
She founded the LA History Project, which led to the exhibition series Pacific Standard Time

‘90s Club-Kid Meets Modern Abstraction In Jeffrey Gibson’s Solo Show
WSJ., Octobr 13, 2018
Gibson debuts his new show in New York City this month.

Material Strengths
WSJ., August 25, 2018
Artist Liza Lou’s first New York show in a decade inaugurates Lehmann Maupin’s new outpost.

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Getting the Picture
WSJ., July 28, 2018
How did Instagram become the art world’s obsession? Though it may seem obvious that a visually driven platform would resonate in a visually driven industry, the story is more complex. 

A Visionary Photographer Reaches a Career Pinnacle
WSJ., Style & Tech, October 7, 2017
With his largest, most revealing retrospective and a major traveling exhibition, German photographer Thomas Struth’s continuing evolution is on display

Every Architecture Lover Should Take This Three-Day Road Trip
Travel + Leisure, October, 2017
In Connecticut, works by some of the most notable architects of the 20th century are hiding in plain sight. Take the wheel for this high-design sightseeing tour.

‘The Theater of Disappearance’: A Show You Won’t Want to Miss
WSJ., Style & Tech, October 7, 2017
The artist Adrián Villar Rojas brings his unpredictable, unclassifiable work to L.A.

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A Memphis Group Founder Finally Gets Her Due
Men's Fashion, September 16
Artist Nathalie Du Pasquier’s first American retrospective, along with more projects, is on the horizon

How Anni and Josef Albers Became 21st Century Art Stars
WSJ., Men's Fashion, September 16, 2017
A crop of major shows celebrating the modernest pioneers is coming to Europe and New York

Shop Talk: Yossi Milo Thinks Photos Can Be So Much More Than We Know
1stdibs Introspective, July 3, 2017
A Chelsea, New York, gallerist has carved out a niche in process-based photography, which bridges the gap between representation and abstraction while creating high visual impact.

Immersive Art Comes to the Bay
Cultured, Summer 2017
The new nonprofit art platform Ars Citizen arms the citizenry of San Francisco with the voyeuristic conceptualism of Sophie Calle.

Meet the Couple Who Helped Shape Mid-Century Photography
1stdibs Introspective, June 19, 2017
Leslie Gill and Frances McLaughlin-Gill shot for the biggest fashion magazines of the interwar and postwar eras. Now, Howard Greenberg Gallery in Manhattan is displaying their style-setting images side by side, for the first time.

A New Show in New York Will Trace a Glamorous Photographer Couple's Legacy
WSJ., May 27, 2017
Leslie Gill and Frances McLaughlin-Gill had a knack for turning American socialites and models into icons of postwar chic

Salon 94 Doubles Down on Recent Blue-Chip Design
1stdibs Introspective, May 15, 2017
Gallerists Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and Paul Johnson are partnering on pop-up shows. Can this duo instill a new respect for fine design in the art world?

Tiqui Atencio Delves into the Mysteries of Collecting Art
1stdibs Introspective, April 3, 2017
The philanthropist and art aficionado chronicles the regrets and successes of art lovers in their quest to acquire great works — cartoons included.

Newsweek International, March 10, 2017
This Spring visitors to the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City will be greeted by a huge orange melon looming over the sixth-floor terrace . . . . 

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A New Book Brings Yves Klein's Parisian Apartment to Life
January 28
‘Yves Klein: In/Out Studio’ captures the apartment, preserved by Klein’s widow for over five decades, where the French artist lived, worked and died

Sculptor Sam Perry Finds the Beauty in Fallen Trees
1stdibs Introspective, December 19, 2016
The Hawaiian-born artist started working with wood in his father’s canoe shop. Now, his carved abstractions are on display in San Francisco.  

Chief Eternal Optimist
Art Basel Miami Beach magazine, December 2016
Yana Peel is reinventing Britain's Serpentine Galleries, taking them into the digital age and beyond.


The New Utopian City of Experimentation
Art Basel Miami Beach magazine, December 2016
Even with its tech elite and cool California lifestyle, San Francisco has never seemed like a contemporary art center... until now? Carol Kino went west to see if the rumors about the City by the Bay as the new art capital are true.


What the New York Skyline Could Have Been
WSJ., October 8, 2016
In New York City, real estate is ruled by byzantine laws, battling egos and backroom deals, a scenario that generates—an often scuttles—architectural plans both brilliant and outrageous. Greg Goldin and Sam Lubell’s new book, Never Built New York (Metropolis), presents the city as it might have been

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In Search of a Good Story and Great Design at Demisch Danant
1stdibs Introspective, September 26, 2016
Suzanne Demisch and Stephane Danant are detectives of sorts, tracking down the history behind 20th-century French designers, now from their new Rafael de Cárdenas–designed Manhattan gallery.

Robert Polidori Stitches Together Photos of City Life
1stdibs Introspective, September 19, 2016
At Paul Kasmin Gallery, the renowned photographer shows artful panoramas of Mumbai's sprawling outskirts and the ruins of a Beirut luxury hotel.

Rashid Johnson: An Anxious Man
Cultured, September/October 2016 • cover story
Artist and peer Hank Willis Thomas visits Johnson's Brooklyn studio for a live action photoshoot.


Met Breuer
ArtDesk, Summer 2016
With high regard for the past, The Met makes a play for the future of contemporary art. 
Sidebar: Nasreen Mohamedi
Sidebar: Q&A with Sheena Wagstaff

Canvas Collection: Gerhard Richter’s Brush With Greatness
WSJ. magazine, June 25, 2016
At 84, the artist continues to add to his oeuvre, which encompasses colorful abstracts, black-and- white photo-realist works, conceptual sculptures and computer-generated prints

Brazilian Artist Vik Muniz Builds a School in Rio
WSJ. magazine, Culture, May 28, 2016
High in a Rio favela, Vik Muniz has built Escola Vidigal, an institution that offers free arts-oriented classes to local children, a program he hopes will change the direction of their lives

Farideh Lashai's Vision in the Desert
1stdibs Introspective, May 9, 2016
The Iranian artist gets a stunning posthumous retrospective inside a 19th-century home in the United Arab Emirates.

Landscape Artist Roberto Burle Marx’s Lasting Influence
WSJ. magazine, Style & Design, April 30, 2016
A new exhibit at New York’s Jewish Museum demonstrates the late Brazilian landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx’s influence on today’s contemporary artists, including distinguished painter Beatriz Milhazes who challenges motifs of the tropics.

Greek Arts Foundation DESTE Celebrates Its Anniversary
WSJ. magazine, Style & Design, April 30, 2016
Greek industrialist Dakis Joannou celebrates the 33rd anniversary of DESTE Foundation with a new tome.

The Great Connector
Cultured, April/May 2016
After successes at Documenta and Istanbul, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev works her magic on the museums of Turin.

7 Exciting Artists in the UAE
WSJ. magazine, April 2, 2016
Introducing the new generation of internationally recognized Emirati artists.  

The Artist’s Artist: Robert Irwin Continues to Create and Inspire
WSJ. magazine, Jan. 23, 2016
With multiple works on display at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C., the Dia: Beacon in New York and a 13,000-square-foot installation in Marfa, Texas, 15 years in the making, the 87-year-old artist shows no signs of slowing down.

Gordon Parks' Jim Crow Photos Still Resonate, Alas
1stdibs Introspective, Dec. 7, 2015
Recent racial injustices spurred New York's Salon 94 Freemans to exhibit a selection of full-color images from the pioneering photographer's pivotal 1956 Life magazine photo shoot focused on life in segregated Alabama.

Influencers: Make No Mistake
Art Basel Miami Beach Magazine, December 2015
Mexican-born, California-bred curator Cesar Garcia’s The Mistake Room adds an international flavor to the landscape of downtown Los Angeles.


Influencers: Quiet Power
Art Basel Miami Beach Magazine, December 2015
Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi steers the Sharjah Art Foundation with a sure and savvy hand.

From Nude Model to War Reporter
T magazing Blog,  Nov. 30, 2015
Molly Crabapple’s new memoir, “Drawing Blood,” charts the artist and writer’s progress from house artist at the Box to political correspondent. 

Reviewing Joan Mitchell's Colorful Peaks and Vallées
1stdibs Introspective, Nov. 23, 2015
Edward Tyler Nahem presents Mitchell’s early breakthrough paintings alongside those created at the zenith of her creative powers. It's urban angst versus pastoral exuberance, all from the mind of one expressive and troubled artist.

Film and Video Artist Diana Thater’s First Retrospective at LACMA
WSJ. magazine, Innovators, Nov. 7. 2015
Known for projects that explore nature and the cosmos, Diana Thater is the focus of Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s largest exhibition focused on a female artist.

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Return to Black Mountain College
WSJ. magazine, Oct. 10, 2015
Artists from Josef Albers to Robert Rauschenberg gathered at Black Mountain College, leaving a legacy that a new exhibition examines.
 Slide Show: Black Mountain College, 1933-1957
A visual study of the painters, dancers and educators who gathered at the idyllic, rural North Carolina campus to test the limits of artistic expression.  

At Home With Artist and Landscape Designer Paula Hayes
Oct. 10
A 235-year-old house and garden in upstate New York have become a laboratory where the artist Paula Hayes can explore the future of landscape design.

Rick Lowe: Community Genius
ArtDesk, Fall 2015
With the advent of the public artist, “social practice,” also known as “social sculpture,” is a growing medium for creators of places, ideas, and installations, all designed to improve the lot for the rest of us. In North America, Rick Lowe of Texas is its patron saint.

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Earth Man
ArtDesk, June 2015
In Nevada, the father of modern land art, Michael Heizer, thrives in positive and negative space. A master of working with earth—“the original source material”—he is at last nearing completion on City, the world’s largest contemporary artwork, begun in 1972.

Playing to the Gallery: Helping Contemporary Art in Its Struggle to Be Understood, by Grayson Perry
The New York Times Book Review – The Art Issue, June 28, 2015
"In the 1990s, Britain suddenly developed a hugely popular appreciation for contemporary art, and the potter Grayson Perry has been one of its beneficiaries."

Mickalene Thomas Publishes Monograph of Muses
WSJ. Magazine, June 27, 2015
The artist's new book features various photographs and photo collages, including 'Three Graces: Les Trois Femmes Noires.'


Behind The Veil: The Artwork Of Vera Neumann
Departures, June 26, 2015
For more than three decades, the once ubiquitous textile designs of Vera Neumann were a staple of casual-chic American style. A new show in New York City celebrates the art that inspired them.

Embracing Abstraction
1stdibs Introspective, June 22, 2015
A major new retrospective highlights the vibrant, lyrical vision of avant-garde pioneer Sonia Delaunay, a co-founder of the abstract color-theory movement Orphism, whose stunning contributions to fashion, furniture design, textiles, painting and the graphic arts are now on view at London's Tate Modern.

Art of Obsession.png

The Art of Obsession
1stdibs Introspective, May 11, 2015
A new show at London's Barbican Gallery spotlights the fascinating, occasionally fanatical collections of contemporary artists, ranging from Andy Warhol's cookie jars to ceramicist Edmund de Waal's seashells.

Giving Alma Her Due
1stdibs Introspective, April 27, 2015
The African-American artist Alma Thomas, a devout abstractionist and lesser-known member of the Washington Color School group, didn't start painting until she was in her 70s, nor receive wide-spread recognition until after her death in 1978 — and even then, it was relatively short-lived. Now that's changing, most vividly with a solo show at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, in New York.

The Masks We Wear
1stdibs Introspective, April 13, 2015
In a new exhibition at New York's BravinLee Programs, conceptual artist Judith Henry brings her fascination with humankind, writ large, closer to home — casting herself as the protagonist of powerful mixed-media compositions that explore the various roles we all play.

Artist Teresita Fernández Transforms New York's Madison Square Park
WSJ. Magazine, April 4, 2015
This spring, with her installation ‘Fata Morgana,’ Fernández transforms a New York City park into a shimmering landscape—the artist’s most ambitious (and public) project to date.

Hadieh Shafie Unspooled
1stdibs Introspective, March 30, 2015
On the eve of her first solo exhibition in New York, Iranian-born artist Hadieh Shafie explains the complex process behind her vibrant, jewel-toned paintings, whose coiled spools of rag paper contain not only layers upon layers of hand-lettered Farsi but also a deep significance that belies their seductive surfaces.

In the Spirit of Black Mountain College, an Avant-Garde Incubator
The New York Times, Museums, March 19, 2015
A museum in Asheville, N.C., celebrates a home to art titans in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s, that champions experimentation among artists working today. 

Spheres of Influence
1stdibs Introspective, March 16, 2015
New York–based artist Paula Hayes, known for her biomorphic sculptures that make creative use of organic materials, turns her attention to the durable — and non-biodegradable — for a mystical new installation in Manhattan's Madison Square Park.

A Local International Art Scene
T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Women's Fashion, February 15, 2015
It might not be as flashy as Dubai or Qatar — but the emirate has become a creative hub, thanks to a sheikh with a penchant for botany and his daughter, Hoor Al Qasimi, whose talent lies in gentle transgression. Featuring an Interview Excerpt: Qasimi talks to Carol Kino about her experiences in 2003, when she took over the biennial from her father.
Interview Excerpt: Qasimi talks to Carol Kino about her experiences in 2003, when she took over the biennial from her father.
Slide Show: Highlights of the Sharjah Biennial

Performance at the Playboy
Art Basel Miami Beach magazine, December 2014
Ryan McNamara reimagines his staged piece ME3M as ME3M 4 Miami.

Cool and Collected
1stdibs Introspective, November 17, 2014
The fantastical universe of Nikolai and Simon Haas — the L.A. twins formally known to an increasing number of design aficionados as The Haas Brothers — is now on full display in "Cool World," their debut exhibition at R & Company in New York.

In Living Color
1stdibs Introspective, November 17, 2014
A new exhibition at Manhattan's Howard Greenberg Gallery reveals the relatively unknown color images of octogenarian American photographer Bruce Davidson, as well as recent photos by his talented daughter Anna Mia Davidson.

Kara Walker's Thought-Provoking Art
WSJ. Magazine, Innovators, November 2014
On the heels of her wildly successful installation at the Domino Sugar Factory in New York, the artist Kara Walker prepares for a new exhibition and opens up about what drives her fearless exploration of race and sexuality.

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs
1stdibs Introspective, October 29, 2014
Fresh off its blockbuster run at London's Tate Modern, a show of the modern master's late work – colorful, collaged, and cutting-edge for its time – comes to MoMA, in New York.

A Gallery's Opening Movement: Jules Maeght Unveils 'Art in Motion'
The New York Times, International Fine Arts & Exhibitions, October 26, 2014
The third-generation dealer Jules Maeght hopes to make his mark on San Francisco with "Art in Motion," his new gallery's inaugural show.

The Mechanics of Perception
ArtDesk, October 2014
Spencer Finch's mastery of simple forms to convey complex ideas arrives at Marfa Contemporary.

 Trick Ropester
ArtDesk, October 2014
Orly Genger redefines what it means to be given enough rope.

Jacqueline Roque: Picasso's Wife, Love & Muse
WSJ. Magazine, October 2014
Cubist artist Pablo Picasso's most painted subject was his controversial wife, Jacqueline Roque. Now an exhibition at Pace Gallery explores their relationship and the works it inspired.

Marian Goodman's New London Gallery
WSJ. Magazine, Women's Style, August 16, 2014
Diminutive and demure, the New York gallerist has made a career of bucking trends. This fall, she becomes the latest dealer to open an outpost in London.

New York's Galerie Perrotin Exhibits Artists Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler's Work
WSJ. Magazine, Summer, June 28, 2014
A show honoring the work of the "social practice" duo begins in July.

High Inflation
ArtDesk, June 2014 • cover story
Meticulous, mysterious, and temporary, Jason Hackenwerth's balloon sculptures draw us closer to the promise of the everyday.

Saving Modernism in Cape Cod
WSJ. Magazine, Collectibles, May 31, 2014
For nearly 40 years, Cape Cod was a melting pot of innovative architecture. Now the Cape Cod Modernist House Trust is attempting to preserve this legacy from the threat of demolition.