I write about all aspects of art and the art world – from artists, museums, galleries, and the market to museum issues, art history, conservation, and art law. Writing about art  has allowed me to tackle virtually any subject I've wanted to, from politics and technology to military history and contemporary culture.  It is the perfect beat for anyone who wants to be a generalist in specialist's clothing.  

You can find my work in WSJ., TThe New York Times, and 1stdibs, among others.  I have also written for Slate, The Atlantic Monthly, Abu Dhabi's National, Art + Auction, Art in America and many more.   

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Latest Stories

A New Show in New York Will Trace a Glamorous Photographer Couple's Legacy
WSJ., May 27, 2017
Leslie Gill and Frances McLaughlin-Gill had a knack for turning American socialites and models into icons of postwar chic

Salon 94 Doubles Down on Recent Blue-Chip Design
1stdibs Introspective, May 15, 2017
Gallerists Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and Paul Johnson are partnering on pop-up shows. Can this duo instill a new respect for fine design in the art world?

Tiqui Atencio Delves into the Mysteries of Collecting Art
1stdibs Introspective, April 3, 2017
The philanthropist and art aficionado chronicles the regrets and successes of art lovers in their quest to acquire great works — cartoons included.

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Latest News

Interview with Ann Landi on Vasari21
Ann interviewed me for her weekly podcast. We talk about, as she puts it, "the differences between art criticism and art reporting, the difficulties of interviewing Gerhard Richter and formidable dealer-doyenne Marian Goodman, and how long it takes to pull together a well-researched story for top-flight publications. We also examine the possibilities of a nascent art explosion in San Francisco and why people really like to talk to her."  Ann's a great interviewer and it was a really fun conversation. I learned a lot from her technique! 

Brainard Carey Interview on Yale Public Radio
Brainard interviewed me for his wonderful program "Lives of the Most Excellent Artists, Curators, Architects, Critics and more" on Yale University Radio.    We talked about the difference between critics and journalists (I initially used a very old-fashioned, purist, newspaper kind of definition of critic, mea culpa) and segued to the future for journalism and cultural journalism in the age of Trump.


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News Flashback

Post-election, 2016: How did Normal Rockwell come to paint "The Golden Rule," his paean to multicultural harmony?
Preserving a Rockwell Era • NYT Museums, March 19, 2009
The Norman Rockwell Museum turns back the clock to 1960, when the artist put his popularity to work for social causes.

Election Day, 2016: Ever wonder why we're so obsessed with polls?  Blame it on the Surrealists. They pioneered the craze in 1928, nearly 10 years before statisticians like George Gallup began quantifying it as a science. 
Ceci N'est Pas Surrealism: Even if you don't know Surrealism, it knows you • Slate, February 19, 2002
A discussion of Surrealism, plus Slate's first slideshow

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